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Program Overview

Program Overview
Citizen Science is an innovative program for all first-year students at Bard College. Through three weeks of intensive study during January intersession, students develop a core understanding of both the conduct and the content of science. This foundation allows them as citizens to grapple with the ever-increasing number of national and global issues influenced by science.

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The 2018 Curriculum

The 2018 Citizen Science program will explore the question “What role does the human microbiome play in healthy bodies and societies?”.  But Citizen Science is about much more than just a topic. Students will conduct experiments in the laboratory, explore the use of models to test assumptions and make predictions, and find patterns in data by exploring correlations.
The Citizen Science program introduces students to natural science and the ideas of the scientific method. It is designed to promote science literacy. The curriculum allows students to conduct laboratory experiments, analyze scientific problems, and engage deeply with the mosaic of information which is the nature of science. 

From the President

"This required program is designed to give all students the tools, attitudes, and motivation to use science and mathematics concepts in their daily lives—going beyond simple literacy to the development of critical abilities in these subjects. . . . Citizen Science is a three-week program with collaborative learning at its core. The program examines topics not typically explored in traditional science offerings."

—Leon Botstein, President, Bard College

The Citizen Science Experience

The first-year experience at Bard is designed as an immersive introduction to the liberal arts and critical thinking across disciplines. This experience serves as a foundation for all students as they pursue their particular area of interest. There is no doubt that science and scientific research outcomes have permeated our society, impacting our daily lives. VIEW MORE >>