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Teaching Fellows

Teaching Fellows
The Citizen Science Teaching Fellows are student leaders who provide key support during the Laboratory Rotation. Teaching Fellows work with Citizen Science Faculty to communicate concepts, answer questions, and supervise first-year students as they conduct experiments. In addition, under the supervision of the Laboratory Coordinator, Teaching Fellows are responsible for the preparation of the teaching lab, active problem solving, and effective communication to ensure an engaging learning environment.

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Previous CSTF

(2018) Wallis Boram '20
(2018) Phoebe Brand '20
(2018) Christina Duncan '19
(2018) Adam Fallah '20
(2018) Estrella Frankenfeld '20
(2018) Lucy Fulkerson '20
(2018) Ashley Jones '20
(2018) Rachel Mendoza '19
(2017)Eleanor Broughton '18
(2017) Celia Faux '19
(2017) Tia Lee '19
(2017) Milan Miller '18
(2017) Abigail Sullivan '19
(2017) Mark Williams '18
(2016, 17) Kara Kuhn '18
(2016, 17) Sadie Marvel '18
(2016,17) Clarence Bronte '18
(2016, 17) Lillian Brennessel '18
(2016) Shila Bayor '18
(2016) Haley Brown '18
(2016) Amelia Leeya Goldstein '17
(2016) Sydney Pindling '17
(2016) Darren Tirto '18
(2016) Stephanie Walker '17
(2016) Sage Warner '17
(2015,16) Deanna DePietro '16
(2015,16) Leah Silverberg '16
(2015,16) Bradley Whitaker '18
(2015) Alexandra Batzdorf '16
(2015) Tayler Butler '17
(2015) Quanita Kendrick '17
(2015) Abiba Salahou '17
(2015) Mallory Thompson
(2015) Javell Watson
(2015) Bethany Zulick '16
(2014,15,16) Rock Delliquanti '16
(2014,15,16) Andrea Szegedy-Maszak '16
(2014,15,16) Clark Travaglini '16
(2014,15) Dylan Dahan '15
(2014) Ayda Gonzalez '16
(2014) Sarah Kiskadden-Bechtel '15
(2014) Mildred Kissai '15
(2014) Nathaniel Oh '16
(2014) Jonathan von Reusner '16
(2013,14,15) Mythili Ananthasayan '15
(2013,14,15) Griffin Burke '15
(2013,14,15) Elisa Caffrey '15
(2013,14,15) Brandon Chen '15
(2013,14) Erin Kelly '15
(2013,14) Bill Nguyen '15
(2013,14) Alexandra Smith '15
(2013) Lily Mastrodimos '15
(2013) Molly North '14
(2013) Moraima Ortiz '14
(2013) Devon Scarlett '14
(2013) Min Shinn '14
(2013) Emma Troisi '14

Citizen Science Laboratory Teaching Fellows:
Application Period Is Now Open for 2019

The Citizen Science Program at Bard College is seeking Laboratory Teaching Fellows for January 2019. This innovative program is designed to provide students with opportunities to develop their personal science literacy through hands-on, real-world coursework and projects. Students selected as Citizen Science Laboratory Teaching Fellows will gain important experience in the preparation and implementation of science teaching labs as well as fundamental teaching and classroom management skills. Students from ALL academic disciplines are encouraged to apply.

Candidates must be Bard College students (any major). Laboratory Teaching Fellows will be responsible before and during the January program for a variety of critical program components, such as the preparation of laboratory materials, setup and breakdown of the teaching laboratories, cleanup of laboratory spaces, monitoring of laboratory equipment and supply levels, etc. Laboratory Teaching Fellows will work closely with a subgroup of the Citizen Science faculty as teaching assistants, supporting the classroom instruction within the lab portion of the program as defined by the individual program faculty. Fellows may also provide office support to the Citizen Science faculty and administration during the January program.

Laboratory Teaching Fellow training will occur via a 2-credit full-semester course, MAT ED521, held Monday nights from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. starting September 10. A passing grade and attendance at all class sessions are mandatory requirements for this position.

Laboratory Teaching Fellows need to be available to return five days before the start of the Citizen Science 2019 program and are required to be on campus until Friday, January 25, at 5:00 p.m. Fellows will receive full room and board for these January dates, in addition to a stipend (upon successful completion of the program). Laboratory Teaching Fellows will report to the Citizen Science Laboratory Coordinator and the Director of Citizen Science.

Complete applications will be composed of a one-page letter of interest in the position, a resume (maximum 2 pages) detailing relevant experience or coursework, and the names and contact information for two references. At least one reference should be a member of the Bard community. Applications should be submitted by email only to Rebeca Patsey at The email subject line should read: “CSLTF Application.” Review of applications will continue until all positions are filled.

For more information, call 845-752-2320, or e-mail