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Meet our 2017 Engagement Fellows!

Meet our 2017 Engagement Fellows!
The Citizen Science Engagement Fellows program is a collaborative academic–student affairs initiative focused on identifying and organizing a civic engagement cocurricular experience for first-years during their January term. Instrumental in designing opportunities to explore concepts of community service, civic engagement, and science education, Engagement Fellows can explore their own ideas about engagement in the community.

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Previous CSEF

(2016) Isha Aggarwal '18
(2016) Ana Bauer '18
(2016) Ying Huang '17
(2016) Annie Kissel '17
(2016) Liz Miller '18
(2015) Mengzhen Chen '17
(2015) Quin McLamore '16
(2015) Shar Shuai '16
(2014, 15) John English '16
(2014, 15) Kedian Keohan '16
(2014) Caley Cross '16
(2014) Jack Lee '15
(2014) Jonian Rafti '15
(2013) Mildred Kissai '15
(2013) Alexia Motal '14
(2013) Jasper Williams '14

Ana Bauer

Ana Bauer
I am a junior Written Arts major from Greensboro, North Carolina. I became involved with the CCE because I am passionate about science literacy. Working for the CCE means that I get to help make science accessible to everyone, which is why I’m returning for my second year as an Engagement Fellow. Outside of my work for the CCE, I am involved on campus as a student fellow at the Hannah Arendt Center for Politics and Humanities.

Michael Kuckyr

Michael Kuckyr
I am a sophmore majoring in Biology from New Orleans, Louisiana. I've worked in labs and veterinary clinics, and am trying to focus on microbiology. My involvement with the CCE began as a way to volunteer in the local area, but has blossomed because of all the great opportunities and connections the CCE provides. I also work with La Voz, and as a Teaching Assistant for general chemistry.

Emma Klement

Emma Klement
I am a sophomore majoring in Art History and Pre-Medicine from Las Cruces, New Mexico. I hope to be a cardio-thoracic surgeon once I finish school. I have worked in a hospital, surgical center, and psychiatric office in high school. I became involved with the CCE because I have been passionate about science/medicine my entire life and I hope to inspire the younger generation to be passionate as well. As well as being a CCE Engagement Fellow I work as an EMT on Bard EMS, and as a teachers assistant at Abigail Lundquist Botstein Nursery School.

Eli Odinga

Eli Odinga
I am from Harlem, New York, and I am a sophomore intending to major into Written Arts. I got engaged with the CCE because I believe sciences can change the way that we view everyday life. I want to be able to participate in experiments that will help students become more comfortable and knowledgeable in science. 

Joshua Perez

Joshua Perez
I am a sophomore majoring in Sociology and Economics from the Bronx, New York. My passion involves creating a significant impact in education where I can not only teach, and educate students but also help provide and extend educational resources to communities, schools, organizations, and institutions. These resources intend to benefit these groups economically, socially, and academically. This is the primary reason as to why I have decided to engage myself with the Bard Center for Civic Engagement.