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Meet our 2019 Engagement Fellows!

Meet our 2019 Engagement Fellows!
The Citizen Science Engagement Fellows program is a collaborative academic–student affairs initiative focused on identifying and organizing a civic engagement cocurricular experience for first-years during their January term. Instrumental in designing opportunities to explore concepts of community service, civic engagement, and science education, Engagement Fellows can explore their own ideas about engagement in the community.

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(2018) Haley Brown '18
(2018) Emma Donohue '18
(2018) Emma Klement '19
(2018) Michael Kuckyr '19
(2018) Eli Odinga '19
(2018) Joshua Perez '19
(2017) Emma Klement '19
(2017) Michael Kuckyr '19
(2017) Eli Odinga '19
(2017) Joshua Perez '19
(2016) Isha Aggarwal '18
(2016,17) Ana Bauer '18
(2016) Ying Huang '17
(2016) Annie Kissel '17
(2016) Liz Miller '18
(2015) Mengzhen Chen '17
(2015) Quin McLamore '16
(2015) Shar Shuai '16
(2014, 15) John English '16
(2014, 15) Kedian Keohan '16
(2014) Caley Cross '16
(2014) Jack Lee '15
(2014) Jonian Rafti '15
(2013) Mildred Kissai '15
(2013) Alexia Motal '14
(2013) Jasper Williams '14

Emma Bernstein

Emma Bernstein
Emma Bernstein is a junior at Bard, studying mathematics with a focus on economics.  She is one of the founders of the Girls Math Club, which empowers girls to continue studying math as they transition to upper-level school.  She is particularly interested in helping the community develop a working scientific vocabulary.  She is involved with STEM-based activism organizations advocating for science literacy and evidence-based policy-making.

Brianna Estrada

Brianna Estrada
Brianna Estrada is a sophomore at Bard, majoring in Environmental and Urban Studies with a focus on Environmental Science.  Brianna is a Hudson Valley native from Poughkeepsie.  This is where she fell in love with Environmental Science through a Citizen Science project known as the Eel Project. She continued her participation in the Eel Project from Poughkeepsie High School's Fallkill Creek to Bard's campus' Sawkill as an intern who encourages her fellow students to participate in the Eel Project, along with other on-campus citizen science projects, such as the Bard Water Lab. She is interested in education and has been pursuing this interest in both her classes and local community by tutoring for various TLS projects. Her interest in Environmental Education stems from being an environmental youth educator in high school. She is also a member of Bard's Debate Union, Bard's Student Life Committee, and LASO. She is looking forward to sharing her passion and love of Citizen Science with her fellow students. 

Madison Kahn

Madison Kahn
Madison (Madi) Kahn is a senior at Bard college. While her major is American Studies, she has experience teaching a larger variety of subjects, including science, creative writing, and art. She loves working with kids of all ages and spent this past summer working as a counselor for Camp Galileo in Los Angeles. During the school year, Madi works for the Center for Civic Engagement, volunteers at ASTOR, and tutors at the Red Hook Residential Center. Last year, she was an Engagement Mentor for Citizen Science and is really excited to be returning for the program this year!

Michael Kuckyr

Michael Kuckyr
Michael Kuckyr is a senior majoring in Biology from New Orleans, Louisiana. He currently works in the Chemistry and Biology labs of Bard College as a research student and am focusing on microbiology. His involvement with the CCE began as a way to volunteer in the local area, but has blossomed because of all the great opportunities and connections the CCE provides. Since starting as a CCE fellow, Michael has created the CCE's first bilingual science camp directed towards ESL students. 

Emma Patsey

Emma Patsey
Emma Patsey, a lifelong Hudson Valley resident, is currently a junior Environmental and Urban Studies major concentrating in Agriculture & Food Systems. She is a strong advocate for local food systems and has worked on farms across the country that work toward this ideal through environmentally sustainable farm practices and community engagement efforts. Emma feels as though food system awareness can empower individuals to make a positive environmental impact while providing a greater connection to their community and local landscape. She is very much looking forward to her first year joining the Citizen Science engagement fellows!


Tessa Greenhalgh

Tessa Greenhalgh
Tessa Greenhalgh is currently a junior Environmental and Urban studies major concentrating in Food and Agriculture systems and sustainability. From this major she is engaging in science and humanities everyday, all focusing on different aspects of Environmentalism On campus Tessa is an active member of the STEM outreach team, but participates in many other aspects of the college. She is the goal keeper for the women's soccer team also is also tied to the athletics department through the Men's basketball team where she manages and accompanies the team to most of their games and practices. While this keeps Tessa busy she usually has time to make it to admissions once or twice a week. Here Tessa gives tours and works with prospective students to help make their application process smooth and give them a good idea of what student life is like at Bard. When she has the time, Tessa is out skiing or volunteering for the Bard water lab or eel project. If you can't seem to find her indoors, that's probably because she is outside laying in the grass or napping in a tree with her Birkenstocks laying on the ground beneath her.